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Feb 15, 2023·

1 min read

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Since the birth of Weaverse, our North Star goal has stayed unchanged: To help eCommerce merchants slash away unnecessary page-building hassle so that you can focus on what you do best - making sales and building brands.

Have to learn the rules of layout and columns and rows and whatnot to use a page builder? We removed that. You drag and drop like it's Powerpoint

Now we tackle the next nuisance: Having to write hundreds of lines of product descriptions, sales pages, home pages, landing pages, or customer engagement emails.

We're bringing you a built-in AI assistant. No more tab switching and waiting for ChatGPT to load.

Want to generate content for a sales page? Just enter a prompt.

And we're not going to stop here. Next: Generate a design for an entire page with a prompt. Sounds exciting (and maybe too good to be true) - sign up for our waitlist now.